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11-Year-Old Hip Hop Star Crashes Jewelry Website on Cyber Monday


Crashed ’s Website On Due To Overwhelming Traffic

An 11-year-old sensation crashed an iconic jewelry brand website on Cyber Monday.   ALEX AND ANI’s website is back up now but due to overwhelming traffic the site went dark.

According to ALEX AND ANI, the buzz started when That Girl Lay Lay (the 11-year-old hip hop sensation who has taken the world – including Ellen! – by storm with her electric freestyle flow) kicked off ALEX AND ANI’s #WhatsYourCurrentState campaign, which asks the world to share their current state: the places and moments that make us feel connected, powerful and most ourselves. That Girl Lay Lay’s said her current state is “bringing new school to the old school” and her rap (set to ’s “”) has already racked up over a million views and shared far and wide by influencers and her rabid fans.

Other viral sensations got in on the actions with #WhatsYourCurrentState posts. Influencers including personal trainer Massy Arias, actress/comedian Laura Clery, model and actress Brittney Elena, musicians the Dobre Brothers, photographer and dancer Jordan Matter (who accidentally kicked a jewelry display while dancing!) and more. Collectively, the campaign has received over 10 Million views to date, leading the ALEX AND ANI website to crash on Monday and the brand working through the night to get it back up and running. To show their gratitude to their fans, ALEX AND ANI extended their Cyber Monday sale an extra day and will continue with special offers all season long.

“We are thrilled by the success and reach of our #WhatsYourCurrentState campaign and value creating such an intimate connection with our customers,” shared Dani Marks, Head of Marketing and Ecommerce at ALEX AND ANI. “In sharing their Current State, our followers used their own voice and talents to spread positivity in the most authentic way.”


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