24/7: In 24 Years the Seven Truths I Now Know about The Industry as the CEO of Radio Facts


Comfortability, Retirement, Misplacement, Layoffs or Ageing Out Often Means Death

This is the MOST important thing Radio Facts has taught me. Over the years I have written many death notices with headlines that say “Vet Dies” in your emails. I can honestly tell you, at one time it started to take a toll on me and send me spiraling into a dark funk. Mostly because a LOT of it was preventable. Yes, you read that right, PREVENTABLE. A majority of the people people who get sick and die almost always have the same set of circumstances, they are not working and can’t get back in they really die of broken hearts in the form of ailments and diseases. They get frustrated than depressed then ill. Out of 100% of the deaths I’ve written about over the years at least 95% of the cases are what I described above. No joke when I say this… KEEP WORKING. When you get up each day without goals, drive, passion or purpose you develop the soul of an invalid. Quite often this comes from a lack of preparation WHILE we are working or failing to plan for the future.



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