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Black Women are More Compassionate about Black Causes

This is not to say Black men don’t give a shit but I have seen little evidence of it in the industry (excusing Joyner, Harvey and Charlamagne and a few others) (lol).  I’ve heard black industry women talk about each other, mostly in positive ways. From this perspective, I see a LOT of support from black women for other black industry women.

MOST of the complaints about nepotism often apply more to black men in power positions in the industry whereas black women tend to be more likely to give a woman or young girl a chance that she doesn’t know that well. When we do the Women of Color in Media magazine, we do run into a bit of animosity from some women who think they should be honored OVER other women but that’s with ANY situation where people are being honored. Black women who are in competing positions with honorees still call and ask for copies of the magazine.



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