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Black Radio Talents Don’t Promote Their Efforts Enough

A MAJORITY of the press releases we get for Radio Facts for as long as I can remember are promoting white people. Black talent, especially at radio, RARELY promote themselves to the trades. Promoting yourself on social media is OK but when it comes from a national 3rd party to THE INDUSTRY it has added benefits for the future of the talent. I’ve heard some people say, ‘we’re rarely promoted, so there is no news.’  That, unfortunately, is true, the ladder for black talent in the industry is often missing many rungs but I also know many black radio people fear self promotion for corporate disaplinary action.

Please tell me what radio corportation has a policy about promoting yourself and I will call them myself and ask them what the problem is. That makes NO sense to me but I’ve heard it time and agian. For those who don’t promote themselfs I URGE you to look at the last segment.



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