Alex Boyé unveils GAME OF THRONES inspired music video “Still Breathing: Harp Of Thrones”

Alex Boyé (pronounced Boy-yay) unveils his latest epic new video, “Still Breathing: Harp Of Thrones,” the first in a series of Game Of Thrones inspired videos he’ll produce on his YouTube channel. Produced and directed by Boyé, Evan Moore, and assistant director Jasser Antig the video was filmed in one day entirely at Evermore Park in Pleasant Grove, UT and features 28 harp players, a dancing horse, and actors from Evermore Park. “For the video, Still Breathing: Harp of Thrones, I wanted to depict the struggle of a real battle,” shares Boyé. “ When you’re going through challenging times, every single day feels like a battle, like a war in your mind. As you persist and keep breathing, it gets easier to win!” The single is available now across all digital platforms and will be included on Alex Boye’s forthcoming Coming To Amerika album. On May 3rd, Boyéreleased “Bend Not Break,” making “Still Breathing,” the 2nd song to be released from Coming To Amerika.

After deciding on the Game Of Throne as theme of the video, he selected the Utah’s Evermore Park as the location and backdrop. “A visit to Evermore is like stepping through a magical portal into a new world. You’ll find yourself enacting story quests, engaging with knights, hunters, dwarves, and fairies. It was an interactive experience and I felt like I had been transported from Utah to a different time and place,” shares Boyé. He discovered Evermore after he and his family were extended an invite to visit by Evermore CEO, Ken Bretschneider. “While there I came up with the idea to film a Game Of Thrones inspired music video and decided that Evermore would be the perfect backdrop.”

Video highlights include scenes with the dancing black horse, dramatic fight scenes portrayed by Boyé & the Evermore actors, and 28 harpists. Boyé put a message out on social media asking for a harpist and over 600 harpists reached out to him. “I didn’t realize how many harpists there were out there. I even got a DM from harpist in London and in South Africa who wanted to fly in for the videoshoot. I’m always amazed by the power of social outreach!” He ended up selecting 28 Utah based harpists and his production team had to lift over $2 million worth of harps into a fountain for the video shoot.

Boyé didn’t have to go far for the character actors needed for the dramatic scenes either. The excellent actors at Evermore wore their real costumes and adapted their characters to a Game Of Thrones dramatic storyline. Since horses are a big part in Game Of Thrones, horses were brought in for the scenes. “When the trainer started doing tricks with horses, one of them, a beautiful black horse bowed down to actress portraying Princess Daenery and I just knew we had to capture that moment for the video! We’re planning on creating a sequel to it, and in the next version, I’ll be speaking Dothraki!” If the last season of the HBO Series Game Of Thrones left you in a stupor, check out “Still Breathing: Harp Of The Thrones” and it might have you up again!

Watch Alex Boyé – Still Breathing – Harp of Thrones [Official Video]:

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