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Amazon Looking to Split New Headquarters Into 2 Locations


Amazon expected to announce decision before end of 2018

One original headquarters, then the secondary headquarters becomes two separate projects?

That’s how the announcement of Amazon’s new secondary headquarters could end up. According to a Wall Street Journal report on Monday, HQ2 could be split and headquartered in two different cities.

The new Amazon HQ2 has been all the rage in business circles because of the expected economic impact, citing the way Amazon’s first headquarters has impacted , Washington. The new project is expected to bring with it 50,000 workers at the cost of about $5 billion dollars.

However, Amazon might think its better to create two separate 25,000-person campuses, which could make it easier to hire the talent employees needed for such a massive expansion. Insiders said creating two campuses could also mitigate concerns of the lack of appropriate housing for works and traffic increases around selected sites.

Two new 25,000-person offices remain massive undertakings for the company though less attention-grabbing than the year-long hype has suggested. Two HQ2 projects also ensure that Seattle remains Amazon’s unequalled headquarters.

If HQ2 is split, communities could raise issues with packages that were offered to woe Amazon. According to reports, two of the biggest known packages were , , which offered $8.5 billion in incentives, and , , which offered $7 billion.

recently reported Amazon was in late stage discussions with in , and .

Amazon did not comment on the report.




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