Au/Ra Releases Official Video for “Dance In The Dark”

Au/Ra has shared the official video for “Dance In The Dark” – watch video below. The up-tempo track was released earlier this month and is about facing and embracing your fears and difficult times. Au/Ra says, ‘Dance in the Dark’ is about the acceptance of the dark times that will inevitably be part of our lives – life will never be perfect and without the bad, there would be no good.”

With her enchanting vocals, the Ibiza-born, Antigua-raised songwriter explores the challenges of being a teenager in 2019, writing music that touches on the issues today’s younger generation face on a daily basis. ‘Assassin,’ which Au/Ra released earlier this year, explores the challenges of living with feelings of self-destruction. Her summer hit “Panic Room,” which was remixed by underground duo Camelphat and has accumulated over 40 million streams, touches on the depth of anxiety attacks, while her track “Emoji”tells the story of struggles with communication in today’s emoji-centric, online world.

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