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Ben Shapiro Receives First NRHOF Award – ‘One to Watch’.

L – R: Laboe & Ben Shapiro

Radio Legend Art Laboe, the active radio performer with the longest continuous period of service on air for 75 years and a 2012 National Radio Hall of Fame Inductee, is the inspiration the NRHOF’s creation of a special recognition award.

The “One to Watch” recognition award will annually go to a promising radio personality who has demonstrated ratings success, audience growth and impact to one or more radio stations and the communities in which he or she works in. This year, the NRHOF Nominating committee chose Westwood One’s Ben Shapiro.

Shapiro is a voice for conservative millennials who covers America’s most powerful political personalities.  A successful podcaster with 15 million downloads each month, Shapiro now distributes his podcast as a radio program on more than 60 stations.  In January 2019, he’ll launch a live two-hour radio program nationwide.

Chairman of the NRHOF Kraig T. Kitchin states, “We wanted to commemorate the longevity and success of Art Laboe’s career and thought creating an opportunity to recognize our rising stars in his honor was the perfect way to do it.  We’re proud to select Ben Shapiro as our first ‘One to Watch’.”



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