Caroline Polachek Releases New Single “Door” Alongside Video

Today pop artist and songwriter/producer Caroline Polachek has released “Door”, a stunning new video and song. “Door” is the first taste of a forthcoming, larger solo project from Caroline to be released later this year. Clocking in at almost six minutes, the song is an addictively groove-heavy odyssey, grounded yet heady. Caroline guides us organically through warm waves of acoustic guitar, glittering synths, and car-shaking bass into a minute-long wordless vocal solo.

Directed by Caroline Polachek and Matt Copson, the “Door” video moves through a surreal series of portals, through warped suburbia and gothic psychedelia, into airbrushed abstraction. Accompanied by two greyhounds, Caroline drifts through an optically dazzling sequence of hallway doors, gates, blooming mirrors and whirling landscapes.

Says Caroline, “I feel totally out of control of most things in the world, but can at least build landscapes for the mind.”

“Door” is written and produced by Caroline Polachek, Dan Nigro, Danny L Harle, and Jim-E Stack.

Watch Caroline Polachek – Door (Official Video):

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