Monday, July 6, 2020


iHeartMedia announced today that Drew Lauter has been named Market President for Madison, effective immediately. iHeartMedia Madison has a strong cross-platform presence and includes a number of iconic brands and franchises — both broadcast and digital — encompassing more than six stations comprised of music, talk and news formats.

iHeartMedia has the leading consumer reach and influence across multiple platforms and delivers more live programming than any other media company. As Market President, Lauter will oversee the market’s programming, advertising and operations across multiple platforms within Madison as well as create new business and revenue opportunities. He will report to Jeff Tyler, Division President for iHeartMedia Minneapolis.“I am very excited to welcome Drew’s experience

Radio Facts “Celebrating Women of Color in Media” Magazine in South Africa

Thanks to our Radio Facts friend industry legend Skip Dillard for taking Radio Facts with him on his trip to South Africa this week. Looks like he has to fork over our best magazine to date to a great Johannesburg air personality at SABC. Nonala Tose co-hosts the Fat Joe morning show 6a-9a on Johannesburg’s Radio 2000

10 Solid Tips for Young Radio DJs, Radiofacts.com

Greetings young radio brethren and sistren. I'm sure many of you have heard of Radio Facts during your career. For that, I'd like to give you some advice I hope you never forget.

I am a very attractive, wise and brilliant elder MF who embraces technology and I LOVE it. I also admire Millenial and Gen Z concepts because you KNOW your value and you don't take the sh that we had to take. I surround myself with many of you people and I learn a lot and I teach those who I mentor what I'm about to tell you. I get that you don't like to be managed but understand, while that works for more opportunities there is a price to pay for it too when it comes to "relationships." I'm going to leave it up to you to figure out how to make that work but make sure you don't burn too many bridges that you might have to cross dow

Study Finds Local TV And Radio Industry Creates $1.17 Trillion In Economic Activity Annually

The local commercial broadcast television and radio industry generates $1.17 trillion of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 2.47 million jobs through direct and stimulative effect on the American economy, found a 

UK-Based Company’s New Approach to Music Data Analytics Goes Beyond Charts

Uncharted Territory: Entertainment Intelligence’s New Indie Benchmarks Create Guideposts in a Data WildernessCharts are nice if you’re part of music’s top 10%, but what about the other 90%?

Public data analytics dashboards look cool, but what do they really tell us?Music data analysis experts Entertainment Intelligence (Ei) have established a whole new approach to help artists and labels see where they stand with fans--and to guide them to better marketing and creative decisions in a global music market. Using a large body of granular data, it has generated a powerful set of Indie Benchmarks (iB) that offer actionable insights to independent labels, artists, agents and marketeers on par with the internal tools used by the majors.“Charts are an artefact of the physical retail era, when we onl

Bob Pittman Interviews Jeremy Zimmer, CEO/Co-Founder of United Talent Agency, on ‘Math & Magic’


In a recent episode of his podcast, Math & Magic: Stories From the Frontiers of Marketing, Bob Pittman had a very intriguing discussion with entertainment executive Jeremy Zimmer about the industry.

Zimmer, who is the Chief Executive Officer and co-founder of United Talent Agency, spoke with Pittman about his own start in Hollywood (it started with fixing a chair), what makes great storytelling, as well as why the United Talent Agency's podcasting division is ahead of the game in the industry.  With the company's impeccable work with talent, Zimmer explains the key to becoming successful as a talent agent. “Part of being a great agent is being able to sell your colleagues," he told Pittman. "And so if you believe in someone, the first challenge is to

Johnny “Koolout” Starks Promoted at Soul 106.3

Johnny "Koolout" Starks

KUDOS to Johnny "Koolout" Starks is very excited about his new promotion at Soul 106.3. See his statement below.

Friday afternoon my boss Jay Allen, The Program Director at Soul 106.3 walked into the studio while I was working and said, "Mr. Starks lets make this official." At that very moment, time stopped for me. Things began moving in slow motion as they have been this whole weekend.
Those words "Let's Make this official." are the keys to this moment and the title for this journey, let me explain. Ladies and gentleman the journe

Danny Bortnick Named Region Senior VP of Sales for iHeartMedia Washington D.C./Baltimore

[caption id="attachment_239125" align="aligncenter" width="600"] iHeartMedia[/caption]

Media veteran Danny Bortnick will take a new position as Region Senior VP of Sales for iHeartMedia Washington D.C./Baltimore.

In the position, Bortnick will be responsible for overseeing the sales operations teams in both markets. He will report to Aaron Hyland, Region President for iHeartMedia Washington D.C./Baltimore.The move for Bortnick is effective immediately.“Danny has made a tremendous impact on the day-to-day operations of our sales organization since day one,” said Hyland. “I am excited to see Danny take on this new leadership position and look forward to his continued success in developing and managing a best in class sales team for the region.”Most recently, Bortnick served as the se

Lynn Polovoy Named Market President for iHeartMedia Baltimore

[caption id="attachment_239094" align="aligncenter" width="401"]Lynn Polovoy iHeartMedia Baltimore[/caption]

Sales executive Lynn Polovoy has been named Market President for iHeartMedia Baltimore, effective immediately.

As Market President, Polovoy will work closely with the programming, business and sales teams for all station brands in Baltimore. She will also oversee the station’s on-air and digital programming as well as create new business and revenue opportunities. Polovoy will report to Aaron Hyland, Region President for iHeartMedia Washington D.C./Baltimore.With over 20 years of sales experience, Polovoy previously served as vice president of sales for the company. She also served as the general sales manager and account manager for iHeartMedia Baltimore and gene

ARTICLE: Is it Over for Black Radio?

Skip Dillard, the legendary operations manager of ratings powerhouse WBLS (FM), has programmed a wide variety of stations from hip hop to heritage. He recalls WBLK in Buffalo which was the first African American FM in the country. In 1964 they had to give out transistor radios because nobody had any and ‘race music’ was widely banned. We’ve come a long way since then.  WBLS is particularly historic“WBLS was owned by the same African American family, the Sutton family, from 1972 to 2012 and so it had a certain sense of community from the start. It was a champion where it started in Harlem,” says Dillard. “The station survived bankruptcy, a holding company and was finally sold to Emmis in 2014.  Thankfully we’ve been blessed to have owners who see the (1234Page 1 of 4

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