DJ Imposter Who Once Made Terror Threats Granted Access to Three Philly Schools

Perhaps School Officials Need to take a course in Google Search?

Thank God nothing happened but what the hell where the school officials thinking? A fake DJ who claimed that he worked for singer Keys called Philly school officials to ask for permission to speak to students about the importance of staying in school. He lured them in by saying the singer might accompany him. (First tip … why would an internationally known celebrity ACCOMPANY an unknown DJ to speak at a high school? I would have asked for her instead)

He told them his name was “DJ Official Silent Assassin?” Hmm, wonder if a name like that raised any red flags? Apparently not.  They agreed to let him in to talk to students instead. He went to the Philadelphia School of the Performing Arts this past Thursday after visiting two other schools and students not only saw through his act, they what school officials SHOULD have done before agreeing to the visit.

He was speaking very low and without a lot of confidence one teacher stated and the guys who were with him as his bodyguards had earpeices on with wires that were not connected to anything. Time to evacuate the premises perhaps?  Nobody saw this when they walked into the school?

A couple of the student took on the herculean task of doing what the administration should have done, they did a google search (wiping the sweat from my brow) to see who the guy was and he turned out to be ,Jerez Nehemiah Stone-, someone who has not only appeared on the MTV show Catfish he also made terror threats at one time President Obama as well as DC’s metro rail system. In lieu of the circumstances let’s hope they a job fair to replace the entire administration at the schools in Philly that he visited. WITF? We will keep you posted.

Nobody was hurt in the debacle but this could have turned out much worse. One must also wonder how he managed to coax other characters to participate as fake security gaurds?


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