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DL Hughley Speaks on How Hatred is Growing Around Us: “Hatred Is All Around Us, and It Is Rising.”


Today DL Hughley discusses how hatred is growing around us on today’s #GEDSection.

Hughley speaks on how the economy is doing well, consumer confidence is up, how employment is growing, and how wage is going up.

He also goes into detail on how hatred is on the rise. DL list the different things that peoples’ growing hatred is for. Hatred is growing towards racism, immigrants, and the LGBT . Hughley explains that these individuals cannot justify their hatred with the excuse of the economy is when the economy is doing well.

In , Hughley talks about how all these elected officials who were backed by Trump. Most of them were racist and had racial comments, and shouldn’t have won. But they won because people vote with their hatred.

Watch the video down below:


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