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DL Hughley states Trump Should Read a Book “President for Dummies” for Guidance (video)


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It’s Not a Good Idea to Throw Paper Towels at People During a Crisis

On the Radio Show #GEDSection, discusses how the president should act accordingly to certain situations.

He explains how the president should try to act as he cares about what is going. This includes getting along with other world leaders, going to cities where tragedy struck and saying nice things, and visiting veteran memorials on Veteran’s Day.

Hughley explains how Trump refuses to believe what his intelligence agencies tell him and believes what’s convenient for him. In addition, Hughley talks about how Trump is using the caravan as a politic stunt. And sending troops away from their families during the holidays and more.

You can watch today’s #GEDSection down below.

A little note from the #GEDSection on The DL Hughley Show!

Posted by The D.L. Hughley Show on Tuesday, November 20, 2018


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