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Exclusive: Master P and Romeo Miller on the Radio Industry, Giving Back and What’s Next

volunteering at the 5th Annual Thanksgiving Community Dinner – John W. Davis

Master P and on the Radio Industry

“The internet is taking over. I think the radio (industry) has to do creative things to make things happen. You can’t be afraid to change with the times,” began Percy Miller, who is better known by his rap moniker Master P.

Master P is undoubtedly a successful multi-platinum rapper and the creative business mogul behind the famed .  However, in the beginning, Master P was known as someone who sold his music out of car trunks, giving him a first hand experience in grassroots and promotion.

“It’s about staying with the people, that what it is with me… (If you’re) dealing with the people in the community, you’re going to keep growing,” Master P shared during a one on one interview.

“I think in every generation, it’s going to be different,” added Romeo Miller. “That’s life. Life is about growth, life is about adapting.”

“It’s different from ten years ago, it’s different from 20 years ago and I think it is unique nowadays because you could become your own star,” Romeo continued.

“With platforms like YouTube and Instagram, people could literally become their own stars if you really have the talent.  With that being said, a lot of people without talent could become their own stars too. But I think it’s beautiful for everybody. At the end of the day, if you’re able to exceed your limitations why not,” Romeo shared.

Romeo believes radio is no longer the pinnacle but a portion of the neccesary multimedia platform for emerging and established artists.

“It’s a lot different, radio is not what it used to be when I started out as Lil’ Romeo where if you got a good record, they gonna play it. It is more business minded now but like I said, you’ve got other platforms where you could create your own star, which is beautiful,” Romeo explained.

Master P stopped for a quick picture. – John W. Davis

Master P Believes In Giving Back

“I tell people all the time, if you make it, you gotta come back and give back,” Master P explained. “You gotta do your part. That’s what it’s about with us. This is love and the blessings with keep coming.”

Compton Mayor credits Master P for supporting the City of Compton every year.

“I think it’s a blessing and I think it brings hope to people in the holidays to know that people are thinking about them, people care about them and that they are here to help make their Thanksgiving a little bit brighter,” added Compton Mayor Aja Brown at the 5th Annual Compton Community Thanksgiving Dinner, which was held on Monday, November 19 at the Douglas F. Dollarhide Community Center in Compton.

Organizers said more than 500 Compton residents participated in the free event.

“I’ve been here in this community for like 20 years and have been able to give back 20 years.  It’s a blessing. I come from , it’s about the community and these kids and elderly,” Master P continued.

Master P and his son Romeo Miller are in accord with each other when it comes to giving back.

“This is the only reason we work so hard,” added Master P’s son Romeo Miller.  “I think a lot of people see our life, our lifestyle, my family and they wonder where all these blessings come from… it’s from giving back,” Romeo continued.

“The more you give, the more you will receive. It will come tenfold,” the younger Miller added. “This is what it’s all about, putting smiles on everybody’s faces in the community and as long as I’m here, this is what I’m going to continue to do.”

Meanwhile, Master P may be a New Orleans native but Compton is now a second home when it comes to community engagement.

“After being here 20 years, you know a lot of people here and it’s all love. A lot of these people open their doors for my family during , so I feel like I gotta come back and be a part of this,” Master P added.

Organizers estimated more than 500 people attended the 5th Annual Compton Thanksgiving Community Dinner. – John W. Davis

Romeo Miller Explains Why He Believes in Giving Back Too

An abundance mindset fuels Romeo Miller.

“A lot of people think it’s about you. Me and my family, we never had a me mindset. It’s all about if we could give or we could help somebody, why not,” Romeo explained. “If you read the bible, you open the bible, it tells us that’s what we have to do… you gotta be a blessing and bless others,” Romeo continued.

Romeo Miller serving Thanksgiving Dinner in Compton, CA – John W. Davis

What’s Next For Romeo

Romeo Miller has transitioned from “just” being a multi-platinum rapper and actor into being his own entrepreneur by way of television production.

“We’ve got another season of “Growing Up Hip Hop” (on WeTv) coming, my MTV show that I produce and host “.” (returns to MTV on December 20) Me and my pops got “I Got The Hook Up 2”, recreating my pops legendary movie, so we’ve got a lot of things coming but I’m excited for those projects as well,” Romeo shared.

Master P making the rounds at the 5th Annual Compton Thanksgiving Community Dinner – John W. Davis

What’s Next For Master P

In 1998, Master P produced and starred in “I Got The Hook Up”, which became a cult comedy classic in the hip hop community.

Twenty years later, Master P is back at it again proudly announcing, “I Got The Hook Up 2 the movie is coming in May (2019).”

Regardless of Master P’s success, mentorship will remain an important part of his life.

“Once you make it, you’ll be able to give that education back to people, it’s all love,” Master P concluded.



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