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First Lawsuit Emerges Over Alleged Ticketmaster Scalping


After undercover journalists allegedly busted Ticketmaster for colluding with scalpers (known as ‘resellers’) via its ‘Trade Desk’ program, Ticketmaster faces its first class-action lawsuit. Trade Desk is Ticketmaster’s invite-only proprietary platform for ticket resales.

Filed in the US District Court of North California, a new class-action claims Ticketmaster has “facilitated the sale of tickets to the secondary market”:

‘Have you ever wondered why Ticketmaster has been unable to rid itself of scalpers who purchase mass quantities of concert or sports tickets…then resell them for much more minutes later?  A better question all along may have been why did Ticketmaster not want to.’

For its part, TicketMaster has not denied that its resale division encourages violations in ways that promote scalping, but rather noted that:

“Moving forward, we will [put] additional measures in place to proactively monitor…this type of inappropriate activity.”

Moreover, in addition to the lawsuit, two Senators, Richard Blumenthal (D-CT) and Jerry Morgan (R-KS) have written a letter to Michael Rapino, Live Nation CEO, demanding answers.


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