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Hot 97 New York’s Pio Ferro Talks to All Radio News


unnamedRadio veteran, Pio Ferro, has been Program Director for HOT 97 in NYC since Jan of this year (can you believe how fast this year has gone by?).  The station is consulted by former PD Jay Dixon. Ferro, who began his career at WXDJ at the age of 15 became a PD and morning host at the station at the age of 20. He comes to Hot 97 from a varied background that includes: VP of Spanish Programming for CBS, VP of Programming for the Spanish Broadcasting System and he also programmed for Beasley’s Rhythmic WPOW (POWER 96) in Miami before the corporation switched ownership with CBS Radio. Ferro is in charge of one of the greatest stations in the country Emmis’ Hot 97. 

ARN: Sans PPM, What is it that makes NY the best or most challenging market to program in?

PIO FERRO: There is nothing like NY on the face of the planet – The diversity is epic! The people, the food, the music. Want the best of anything, it’s here on any day of the week and at any time. The challenges are trying to get all the different tastes together to appeal in mass for music and promotions. Also, there is always something going on, several things / events at once – so trying to cover what matters most for our audience can be challenging.

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