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iHeartMedia San Francisco’s Real Talk 910 AM Introduces the Debut of “The Randi Rhodes Show”


 Real Talk 910 AM, Think Forward, introduced today the debut of “The Randi Rhodes Show,” effective immediately. “The Randi Rhodes Show” will broadcast weeknights from 5-7 p.m.

“The Randi Rhodes Show” features forward-thinking political talk and opinions that embrace the values of social, economic and environmental justice along with human rights, democracy and multiculturalism. Rhodes is described as a well-researched and funny progressive media personality. Her show delivers smart, forward, free-thinking and entertaining news and opinions. Randi Rhodes will join Real Talk 910 AM’s line-up of top-notch on-air personalities including Stephanie Miller, Thom Hartman, Clark Howard and Rick Ungar.

“We are beyond excited for the opportunity to bring Randi back to the Bay Area,” said Cory Callewaert, Program Director for Real Talk 910 AM. “She is one of the most powerful progressive voices in the country and with her wit and sense of humor, she is exactly what we need and a one of a kind.”

“Being back on the radio in one of the greatest cities in America for a market-leading station like Real Talk 910 AM is amazing,” said Rhodes. “I feel such a strong connection to the listeners here in San Francisco and I’m thrilled to get on-air and shake things up!”

Real Talk 910 AM is the leading media outlet in the San Francisco market with multiple platforms, including its broadcast stations; live events; data; and its digital businesses and platforms, including mobile, social and its own iHeartRadio, iHeartMedia’s free all-in-one digital music, podcasting and live streaming radio service – with more than 2 billion app downloads and more than 130 million registered users.


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