The Black Effect Podcast Network to Release Ground-Breaking, Narrative Podcast “Reparations: The Big Payback”


New podcast hosted by actress-writer-producer-activist Erika Alexander and filmmaker Whitney Dow probes into the burning topic of the day: reparations for Black Americans.

Color Farm Media, the diversified media company behind last year’s critically acclaimed documentary film, John Lewis: Good Trouble, has partnered with Charlamagne Tha God’s and iHeartMedia’s The Black Effect Podcast Network to release a ground-breaking, narrative podcast, “Reparations: The Big Payback.

”The podcast will debut today with new episodes airing every Thursday. Listeners can hear the first episode now on iHeartRadio and everywhere podcasts are heard.

“Reparations: The Big Payback” is co-hosted by actress, writer, producer, activist and Color Farm co-founder Erika Alexander and filmmaker Whitney Dow.

Erika, a Black woman, and Whitney, a white man, bring dual perspectives and a shared creative control to their partnership. The pair use their unique storytelling skills and experiences to explore the argument for and against the controversial topic of reparations for Black Americans. 

The podcast also investigates the underlying racist architecture of modern businesses, laws, policies and institutions that have their roots in slavery. Guests on the podcast will include Rev. William Barber, Tom Steyer, Robin Rue Simmons, Gwen Carr, Saru Jayaraman and more.

“We’re thrilled to partner with Charlamagne Tha God and iHeartMedia to launch this important podcast at a critical juncture in the history of America,” said Alexander. “We sit on the precipice of an opportunity to heal America’s divide through leaning in to a greater understanding of the restorative powers of reparations.”

“I believe the need for true racial reconciliation is one the most pressing issues confronting our country today, and that an honest conversation about reparations is a critical component in beginning to heal the wounds of slavery,” said Dow. “I am excited to be part of that conversation and grateful to The Black Effect Podcast Network for giving Erika and me the opportunity to bring that conversation to the world.”

“Erika Alexander is brilliant. Anytime I can assist her in bringing any one of her visions to life it's a no brainer for me,” said Charlamagne Tha God.

“There are so many conversations revolving around reparations and the case for Black Americans to have reparations, and hopefully this project adds to those conversations and makes people realize why reparations isn't just a request, but a necessary step for this country to take in order for it to atone for the sin of slavery and finally get to a real place of healing.”

Listen to “Reparations: The Big Payback” on iHeartRadio and follow the podcast to be alerted when new episodes are available.


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