Jetcast partners with Spacial Audioâ„¢ to grow Internet Radio

Agreement gives JetCast affiliates improved online sound quality and ad insertion technology. Having advanced software that delivers quality sound, across multiple player formats, is a must for any broadcaster when moving online.A user friendly ad insertion system is also needed.

JetCast now has a turn-key solution for all affiliates; combining Spacial Audio’s SAM Broadcasterâ„¢ and StreamAdsâ„¢ into one package.
A unique ability to let first level users share bandwidth, which helps feed additional users, is a major reason why JetCast broadcast customers hold bandwidth costs down. Spacial Audioâ„¢ CEO, Bryan Payne explains: “Being able to stream programming at a lower cost is required if you want to grow an internet station’s audience. We see the advantages of Jetcast, and know that broadcasters will too. They add a strong image to our growing list of Spacial software resellers.”

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