Jubilo Drive Release New Full-Length Album Late Night, Early Morning

Today, the Los Angeles-based art pop quintet band Jubilo Drive release their full-length album Late Night, Early Morning, a record that navigates loss, love and moving on.

Six years ago the bandmates met while attending Chapman University. They began to jam together and combine their music tastes, which eventually evolved into a “colorful brand of indie psychedelia rock” (Buzzbands.LA). It has hints of 80s synth and 90s rock with a fresh, current spin. Grimy Goods, who premiered the album last week, said, “Jubilo Drive has a strong instinct for infectious riffs and they never overstay their welcome.”

“We were pretty experimental when it came to recording techniques on this record,” lead vocalist Jordan H. Kleinman shares. “We’ve determined what does and does not work for our sound or recording style. Right now Jubilo Drive is essentially a new band with an old name. We had some ups and downs making this record but we’re stronger and wiser for it. I feel really confident about our process moving forward.”

One of those major turning points in the band’s story was the unfortunate passing of their drummer Eric Cruz in a car accident in 2017, following a year of touring after graduating from Chapman. The boys nod to Cruz with the track “99.2 ERC”, a transition before their single “Thursday Night Taxi Service”. The transition is an old recording of Cruz on the Chapman college radio station introducing a song from Jubilo Drive; while ‘Thursday Night Taxi Service’ is the name of the radio show he had with Kleinman.

The album keeps a mostly upbeat pace with lyrics that nod to the past while keeping a set of eyes on the future. Their other two singles on the album – the krautrock-inspired “Off Satellites” and the ‘meant to be heard with the windows down’ “Look Around” – are pumped up rock tunes that perfectly showcase their signature style.

Late Night, Early Morning has been long in the making, built on a winding road of emotions, but it’s just the start for Jubilo Drive. They’re already writing the next chapter. “Just the other day we put together six new ideas for songs and are looking on course to put out another body of work in 2019,” says Kleinman.

The band, comprised of Kleinman, Henry Kuckens, Aaron Shadrow, Kalyn Beach and Jacob Lauing, will celebrate the release of Late Night, Early Morning on February 22 with a special show in Los Angeles at Weber Rations.

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