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Kelly Doherty Launches TheImagingHouse.com



KELLY DOHERTY has launched her new venture, THEIMAGINGHOUSE.COM, following a packed preview party last FRIDAY (7/20) at WANDERLUST in HOLLYWOOD.

THEIMAGINGHOUSE.COM is designed as a one-stop for those in Imaging, Voiceover, Production and allied fields.  Access is free as THEIMAGINGHOUSE.COM is an advertiser-supported venture.

DOHERTY, who was most recently iHEARTRADIO VP/Imaging for the past 11 years of her 21 years with the company,  said, “ people are a whole different species. Our brains are wired differently. ‘Hurry up and be ’ is a phrase that doesn’t work well with us. We are our own worst enemy. but when we thrive — we change the world.

“I wanted to create a place to where those creative souls feel inspired… energized… and needed. A home base for the creative mind — THEIMAGINGINGHOUSE.COM.

“For decades, I’ve had this idea in my head. And was recently given the freedom for it to come to fruition. An industry first. All of your Voiceover and Production resources under one roof … in one ‘house.’ Imagine the that exists when handcuffs are taken off and rules are broken. A place to cheer on your peers … and yourself!

“From the minor leagues to the majors. From getting your demo produced to learning about advanced music production. From learning from the pros … and new talent. And I flat out don’t there’s not a in the rough out there looking for a launch pad. Look at what we can create …. together! This is a win/win situation for everyone.

“I’ve just built the house — it’s yours to live in. This is my dream. This is my soul. And most importantly … this is my heart.”


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