Kendrick Scott Oracle to Release New Album ‘A Wall Becomes A Bridge’ on April 5

Kendrick Scott Oracle returns April 5 with the release of A Wall Becomes A Bridge (Blue Note), an inspiring new 12-song cycle about overcoming obstacles both personal and collective.

The album was produced by Derrick Hodge, and find’s Scott augmenting his long-running quintet with the addition of turntablist Jahi Sundancewho joins guitarist Mike Moreno, pianist Taylor Eigsti, reedist John Ellis, and bassist Joe Sanders to expand Oracle’s palette. The lead track “>>>>>>>>>>>Mocean” is available today to stream or download.

Kendrick Scott lays out his vision for the album in his artistic statement:

Walls are easier to build than bridges. We are often quicker to stack bricks built of fear than we are to weave a cable of empathy and reach across a divide. Where I see walls, then, I see an admission of our fundamental fragility – of vulnerability.  So the question that I began to ask myself was how I personally, and we collectively, can use those vulnerabilities not as points of separation, but as points of convergence?

I realized that my life’s purpose is to become an instrument of peace; to bridge divides through my music. Yet, in pursuing this I found my path stagnated by my internal walls of fear and insecurity. As I worked to explore and understand these fears in myself, I came to see my personal journey as parallel with our collective social consciousness.

This project is, therefore, a response to a personal struggle that is also a collective one: how we are more connected than ever, but also more separated; and the opportunities that lie before us within that awareness.

This music was created to explore this narrative, revealing itself from the end (>>>>>>>>>>>) of the story to the beginning (>).  Traversing 12 stages including Perspective, Breakthrough, Doubt, Acceptance, Denial, and Innocence, in the end, we arrive at the seat of the allegory: transformation and optimism.  Ultimately, our walls don’t exist in contrast to bridges; they are our provocations and precursors to our breakthrough.

The track listing for A Wall Becomes A Bridge is as follows:

  1. >>>>>>>>>>>>NewEyes
  2. >>>>>>>>>>>Mocean
  3. >>>>>>>>>>Windows
  4. >>>>>>>>>Voices
  5. >>>>>>>>BeLoved
  6. >>>>>>>Don Blue
  7. >>>>>>Becoming
  8. >>>>>Horizons
  9. >>>>The Catalyst
  10. >>>Plēh
  11. >>Nemesis
  12. >Archangel

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