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Kevin Ross’ Pics for BEST Syndicated Radio Shows: First … The Breakfast Club


Are you a “Jock” or a “Broadcaster?”

I LOVE the NEW industry. I LOVE technology and I LOVE where the industry is going which is the ONLY reason I still do Radio Facts. From the emails, press releases and the information I get daily, I can tell you with certainty that syndication is about to hit commercial radio HARD and I've heard some REALLY great shows as the industry prepares to move forward with some vet talents and several new shows all featuring industry “Broadcasters.”

With industry icon Tom Joyner retiring next year, there is a shift taking place and commercial radio would be a FOOL not to look at more ways to attract and maintain listeners and it's not going to be an easy task. So, from my perspective, being privy to all the new shows as well as the established ones, what are some of the best-syndicated shows in the game right now and who are some of the best Broadcasters? My first pic …

The Breakfast Club

… or as I like to call them “TBC.” They just continue to win the syndication game. The three hosts, all former co-hosts, are almost always present for the show which offers great consistency for the brand (consistently absent hosts confuse listeners) and they jell very well. This is one of my favorite syndicated shows in the industry.

The show's hosts Charlamagne Tha God, DJ Envy and Angela Yee have come into their own and the improved production of the filming of the show (giving more camera time to the whole team) has helped to make the show more interesting.

A plethora of guests from all walks of life from black, white, singers, rappers, actors, preachers, doctors, activists, transgender people, industry vets etc put the show miles ahead of many other syndicated shows who are still afraid to step outside of the “urban” realm and lacking obscurity. What I love about these three is they know that you either wait for approval or just open the damn door to the opportunity … NOW!

KUDOS to Charlamagne on his recent appearance on the Stephen Colbert show where he admitted that he canceled a sold-out Kanye West live town-hall-esque type interview because he knows that Kanye is not well. He is right (see video below) and this is what makes the show so great. Someone struggling with mental illness and not taking medication does not deserve a national platform for ridicule and scorn. Why is everybody pissed off at Kanye and looking past the point that the man is struggling with mental illness? (I have still not watched Kanye's White House appearance video and I won't)

In the new industry, there has to be growth outside of the predictable comfort zones. ESPECIALLY coming from the cultural architects. They are all at the perfect age (around 40) coming to the table with enough experience to carry this show to even greater heights.


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