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Kwame Kilpatrick Asks Trump for Pardon (letter)


Former disgraced Detroit mayor has served 7 years in prison. States being incarcerated is taking a toll on him. He’s asking President Trump for a pardon. See Kilpatrick’s letter below

The Freedom and Justice Trust – June 12 at 5:43am ·
Over the past decade, I have been incarcerated for 7-years (99 days in County Jail, 15-Months in State Prison, and 5.5 Years in Federal Prison).

As you could imagine, it has been the most painful, gut-wrenching, and transformational time, not only my life, but also in the lives of everyone that I hold dear; my parents, Carlita, my sons, sisters, nephews, niece, extended family, friends, and many others whom I’ve never met, but know through the shared experiences of being a Detroiter, or a FAMUAN.

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