Loote Release New Single “85%” With Multi-Platinum Artist gnash

Buzzing duo Loote (comprised of Emma Lov and Jackson Foote) release their brand-new single today“85%.”  

This marks the first collaboration between New York-basedLoote who recently surpassed 250 million global artist streams and Los Angeles-based multi-platinum selling artist gnash.  Like most of their songs, “85%” was written and produced by Loote.  Piano loops and distorted synths intermingle as Loote’s voices pass each other like strangers yearning to meet, but not quite touching. The new school R&B beat belies the emotionally charged duet as they lock into the hook, “I should really use my head instead of thinking with my chest.

On the track, Loote states, Working with gnash on “85%” felt like a perfect fit from day one. We really wanted to find somebody who connected with the song and had been through the same thing we had. Gnash is a very lyric driven artist, and he’s so honest. He understands how important it is for listeners to connect with what you’re saying and how you’re getting across an emotion.  That’s what this song is centered around and that’s why we all meshed so well together.”

“85%” comes hot on the heels of “Better When You’re Gone,” Loote’s recent collaboration with David Guetta and Brooks, released in February.  The single followed up “Back Together,” the final track to be released late last year from Loote’s well-received debut EP, SINGLE., which contained Your Side of the Bed and Longer Than I Thought with Joe Jonas. 

“It’s super relatable,” Emma says of “85%.”  “Everybody goes through the same scenario. You want somebody so badly, but the other person is just not as responsive as you are. You’re the only one invested, so you leave yourself in a position to be easily disappointed. It’s really scary to put your heart on the line for someone who only gives 85%.”

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