Lxandra Releases New Music Video for “Swimming Pools” Today

22 year old rapper John Gabbana, formerly known as “Boonk Gang” was born and raised in Jacksonville, Florida. In the summer of 2017, Gabbana reached stardom level on YouTube thanks to his comic prank videos. His troubled childhood lead him to find his escape in humor and music, with a carefree attitude and quick wit that is evident in his lyrics. “Shooter” is Gabbana’s first release on Island Records, and the first single off of his upcoming EP The Book of John. When asked why he chose “Shooter” to make his debut, Gabbana said: This is the single off my first label project because this one caught everybody’s attention. I recorded 4 songs the weekend I was released and flew to New York that Monday, when Migo (Miguel Solano) first heard it he was so hype and said it was a smash and when the label heard it, they were ecstatic and wanted to finish the project right away!

The catchy track, with a lo-fi trap beat, is expected to put him on the map in a major way. You can listen here.

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