Max Jury releases new album ‘Modern World’

Today, 26-year-old Iowa native Max Jury releases his sophomore album; Modern World on Marathon Artists. The follow up to 2016’s critically acclaimed, self-titled debut, Modern World is a graceful, sophisticated and truly contemporary body of work, brimming with Jury’s vast and eclectic range of influences. It is an album about life, friendship and facing each day with a renewed clarity. You can watch Max perform the BBC Radio 2 supported lead single and album title track, for Le Blogotheque here.

Produced by four time GRAMMY-nominated Robin Hannibal (Kendrick Lamar, The Internet, Jessie Ware, Anderson .Paak), the album is steeped in soul and jazz influences. The stunning “Stillness” for example, arrives with a bassline that wouldn’t sound out of place on a Thundercat record. “Fading Out of You” manages to evoke Jury’s newly chosen home of Paris before a huge RnB beat comes in, complimented perfectly by the warmth and subtlety of his vocal, which since his debut, has grown into an androgynous instrument that dances across his music.
Modern World was recorded at The Ship studio in Eagle Rock with a hand-picked band of LA’s most talented session musicians: guitarist Joel Van Dijk, drummer Bill Campbell and bassistThomas Drayton, the son of Motown legend Clay Drayton and the musical director for Childish Gambino. “I’ve never worked with a bass player like him,” says Jury, “he just knew what to play instantly.”
Having written over 100 songs during the album’s year-and-a-half long recording process, Jury believes the ten that finally made the cut describe not just how his own life has changed and evolved since his debut, but also how many of us are currently feeling, living through these strange and confusing times.
Of the new album, Max says “Modern World, to me, sounds like Los Angeles. It’s not lonely, but it’s still not satisfied. Its music is intentionally shimmering, pulsing, sensual, borderline superficial…but it’s lyrics touch on themes of apathy, indifference, using people, and being used. It’s sort of a dark album, about learning to be human again, and failing. Juxtaposing that with lite-funk-AOR grooves I thought was an interesting concept.”
The Track List for Modern World is:
  1. Sweet Lie
  2. Modern World
  3. Gone
  4. Burning Through You
  5. LA Rain
  6. Crime
  7. Stillness
  8. Primrose Hill
  9. Quicksand
  10. Fading Out Of You

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