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Migos & “Walk It Talk It” Video Has Finally Made Me A Fan

Walk It Talk It by Migos feat Drake
by feat Drake

Okay, Migos. I get it now.

The latest music video by Migos, “Walk It Talk It,” is tearing through the internet right now. The attention it’s receiving is rightfully deserved. Their video takes us (along with Drake and ) back to the bell-bottomed, afroed 1970’s heyday of Soul Train and I am just a little in love with it.

I’m not a big Migos guy. I could go into a detailed, overly academic deconstruction of my issues with their music but I will kindly skip the dissertation. The three Atlanta natives are the biggest group in Hip Hop; I acknowledge that. I respect their work ethic and I even have some Migos on more than a few personal playlists. Before today I didn’t hate Migos, but I don’t know if I would have been able to honestly say that I liked them.

Over the past couple hours I fell down a rabbit hole. I thoroughly enjoyed the experience. For me, Migos songs tend to blend together. The music knocks, but the familiar topics and structure can make everything feel like one long song. Their videos though are insane.

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