Morcheeba Announce Deluxe Edition of ‘Blaze Away’ + Release “Never Undo (Yimino Remix)”

Today, British trip-hop pioneers Morcheeba are announcing the release of a 22-track deluxe edition of their acclaimed 2018 album ‘Blaze Away’, featuring remixes courtesy of the likes Throwing Snow, Kelpe, FaltyDL, Djrum, Gilligan Moss, Lindstrom & Prins Thomas and more. May 31st will also see the release of a standalone remix edition of the album. Blackbook praised Yimino’s remix of “Never Undo,” saying “the song itself is about a love so powerful it can carry one from the darkness into the light,” and praising the ”impassioned, shiver-inducing delivery.”

Morcheeba is Skye and Ross Godfrey. Tracing their roots to the mid ‘90s UK trip-hop scene, they quickly grew into an international presence, touring across the world over the last two decades. Yimino are a sublime electro duo from London, who have remixed Morcheeba’s “Never Undo” and given it an even more downtempo and moody treatment than the original album version. “I really didn’t think it would be possible to be more Morcheeba than Morcheeba, but they have done it and we LOVE it,” says Godfrey of the remix.

On their latest album Blaze Away, Morcheeba took a free approach to its creation. There was no template for its ten, extraordinary, future-facing songs, no self-imposed limits on style, no themes to be adhered to or rules in place to break.

Having called on various established and up-and-coming producers to reinterpret those tracks, the deluxe edition of ‘Blaze Away’ (out May 31st via Fly Agaric Records) shines a stunning new light on an already essential body of work.

Highlights include the deep rumbling electronics on Kelpe’s remix of Blaze Away interlude track ‘Free Of Debris’; the angular percussion and reflective harmonies present in Brecon’s take on ‘Mezcal Dream’; Throwing Snow’s otherworldly deep-bass led version of title track ‘Blaze Away’ – and Djrum’s dynamic re-imagination of ‘Find Another Way’.

Morcheeba’s Blaze Away Deluxe Edition will be released May 31st via Fly Agaric Records. Preorder available HERE.

‘Blaze Away’ Deluxe Edition – Track listing

  1. Never Undo
  2. Blaze Away
  3. Love Dub
  4. It’s Summertime
  5. Sweet L.A.
  6. Paris sur Mer
  7. Find Another Way
  8. Set Your Sails
  9. Free of Debris
  10. Mezcal Dream
  11. Free Of Debris (Kelpe Remix)
  12. Mezcal Dream (Brecon Remix)
  13. Find Another Way (Djrum Remix)
  14. Blaze Away (Throwing Snow Remix)
  15. Set Your Sails(FaltyDL Remix)
  16. Never Undo (Yimino Remix)
  17. Free Of Debris (Folamour Remix)
  18. Sweet LA (Da Lata Remix)
  19. Love Dub (Merther Hum Remix)
  20. Blaze Away (Gilligan Moss Remix)
  21. It’s Summertime (Little Mountain Remix)
  22. It’s Summertime (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)

Standard Remix Version – Track listing:

  1. Free Of Debris (Kelpe Remix)
  2. Mezcal Dream (Brecon Remix)
  3. Find Another Way (Djrum Remix)
  4. Blaze Away (Throwing Snow Remix)
  5. Set Your Sails (FaltyDL Remix)
  6. Never Undo (Yimino Remix)
  7. Free Of Debris (Folamour Remix)
  8. Sweet LA (Da Lata Remix)
  9. Love Dub (Merther Hum Remix)
  10. Blaze Away (Gilligan Moss Remix)
  11. It’s Summertime (Little Mountain Remix)
  12. It’s Summertime (Lindstrom & Prins Thomas Remix)

Watch “Never Undo (Yimino Remix)”:

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