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Rae Carruth Walks Free Ending 17 Year Prison Term for Conspiring Murder of Woman Pregnant with Son


In 2001 I had an office space in North Hollywood, CA and the entire staff was fixated on the television coverage of the trial. The former Carolina Panther wide receiver was eventually convicted and went to prison, He was convicted for the conspiracy to murder, the woman who was pregnant with his son Chancellor, Cherica Adams. After Adams was shot 4 times, she managed to call the police and tell that Rae was responsible and had hired someone to shoot her. Her unborn son Chancellor suffered from the shooting incident and was born with Cerebral Palsy. His mother Cherica, died four weeks after being shot.

In a letter to Cherica’s mother in Feb, Carruth stated that he wants to get to know his son and to take care of him and that he never had any interest in Cherica Adams outside of casual sex. He stated that he is very sorry for all that has happened but that the two were not, as widely publicized, every romantically involved or in a relationship.

Today, Carruth completed his sentence and walked free from the Sampson Correctional Institution in a white Chevy Tahoe and drove away without speaking to an assembly of reporters outside the facility.

Carruth, who states he has found God is nervous about how he will be perceived and what he will do with his life from this point.


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