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RAVE Reviews Publishes Ranking of Best Music Cities & Worst Venues


RAVE Reviews, the innovative site that publishes entertaining rankings on advanced -driven analysis, has published its ranking of the “Best Music Cities (And Most Underrated Venues)”.

Some of the best music shows can be found at unknown or underrated venues.  As RAVE described it, “The kind that only locals know about — the darker and sweatier the better.” You could be in an old fire station that was transformed into a venue (pole still there of course), and be watching the next YouTube sensation. Maybe this is why many people are drawn to this underground music scene.

Hillary Miller, managing editor of RAVE Reviews, stated “Going to massive venues and wading among a thousand other people can be fun, but nothing beats stumbling into a dark and foreboding bar that turns out to have some of the best live music you have heard.”

The methodology for the ranking included scouring the internet to triangulate reviews, rankings, and data to come up with a list of the 30 best music cities in America. From there, we utilized music industry sites like Consequence of Sound as well as social media, wikis, local press, and venue websites to find the most underrated venue in each city. Each venue was then ranked on a 4 point scale, focusing on legacy, beer prices and menu, music calendar, and sound system.

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