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Roku TV Wireless Speakers Promises Premium Sound


TV Wireless Speakers Began Shipping on Nov. 16

Roku TV Wireless Speakers have hit the market and the company is aiming for premium from the new speakers.  The speaker bundle has been designed exclusively for Roku TV at $199.99 dollars.

According to Roku, the wireless speakers are easy to set up, come with a voice remote and provide a powerful performance via stereo separation, vibrant high frequencies and rich bass, plus, full, clear sound and dialogue.

“Sound is an important part of the TV experience yet often overlooked by consumers because of product complexities, choice and price,” began Mark Ely, the vice president of whole home at Roku.

“Roku TV Wireless Speakers offer premium sound with no hassle. Our sophisticated software powers both the Roku TV and the Roku TV Wireless Speakers allowing us to offer a simple set up, multi-dimensional sound with stereo separation, voice control and much more,” Ely said.

“We believe our Roku TV customers are going to be thrilled with how easy the Roku TV Wireless Speakers are to use and at the difference they hear when they watch and listen to entertainment at home,” Ely added.

A few interesting features include night mode, which lowers the volume level for louder scenes and boosts it for quieter ones and Speech Clarity, which looks for voice frequencies and boosts them to address intelligibility.


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