Rynx Releases New Track “All For You” Featuring Kiesza

Rynx’s latest single “All For You” featuring Kiesza is out TODAY. Hear more about the poppy dance track below:

“I’ve been working on the instrumental portion of all “All for You” for quite some time, it’s actually been over a year now. It was one of those ongoing projects that evolved from many different versions. I wanted to create an electronic dance track that featured samples of my own guitar riffs and leads. It kinda has an 80s vibe because of the synth arp and guitar, however, the track also has a modern feel because of the drums and vocal chops in the drop. For a while, the song didn’t have any vocals. Having Kiesza sing on the track was really unexpected. We met through mutual friends. One night we were all hanging out at the studio and Kiesza just casually laid down some fire melodies for “All For You”. She came back the next week to write and record the rest of the vocals, and then I spent the next few months tightening up the production. The “you-ooo-ooo-ooo” part that she does right before the drop was one of those magic first takes which was sampled to make the drop vocal chop lead that you hear in the song now. Big thanks to my production partner Dan Braunstein for helping me come up with that catchy melody.” – Rynx

“Rynx and I met through a mutual gathering of friends. We all hung out at his studio and were explaining to everyone how songwriting works. I wanted to keep it quick and 20 minutes later, “All For You” was born! It was meant to be just a fun tutorial for our friends, and it ended up as a badass single! You never know when songs will carve their way into existence.”  – Kiesza

Listen HERE

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