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Services Held for Wanda Smith’s Hosting Gig At V103, Katt Williams Performed Eulogy


I kept seeing a video link posted this past Friday with V103’s Wanda Smith from the Frank and Wanda show along with Katt Williams, for some reason it didn’t occur to me to check it out until Sunday. Exhausted from work, I watched the video and laughed so hard I got my energy back.

In what appears to be a basic interview Wanda Smith said something to set Katt off and he obliterated her in a matter of minutes while the cameras and tape kept rolling. When he said ‘If anybody wants some cheap jewelry like Wanda’s go to Citgo and buy a pack of cigarettes and get it for $7.’ something like that. I was laughing so hard I could barely understand him. All I could do was picture that cheap jewelry they sell in there. When she talked about him being in Jail and his perm needed to be retouched he finished her off in record time. This could have been an opportunity for Wanda to show her skills since the video went viral in 24 hours garnering 1 million views but you can tell she was a bit miffed. Katt even said she was a horrible interviewer which had to hit home. Glad it’s over, it was pretty brutal to watch.


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