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SiriusXM Country Roundup: January 11th, 2018


Madeline Merlo’s New Single “Unraveling”

Finally! Madeline Merlo’s brand new single is here titled ‘Unraveling,’ which she claims as one of her most vulnerable co-writes yet.

“It shows the weakness and honesty of heartbreak and is inspired by the music I was raised on. Artists like Dolly Parton and Etta James encouraged me to write from a place of truth, even when it feels vulnerable. I’m excited to show my fans this more soulful side of me. Unraveling is about a relationship that kind of slips through your fingers and leaves you confused, without closure, and wondering if it’s too late to get back what you lost.”

I caught up with Madeline on the phone today and here’s what she had to say about her new tune:

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