Spring 2007 Diary Credit Update: Part 1, Satellite Radio

Satellite Radio

• Satellite Radio listening continues to slowly increase in Spring 2007:
â—¦ Approximately 6.9 percent of metro in-tab diaries contained satellite radio listening (up from 5.9 percent in Fall 2006).
â—¦ Approximately 4.1 percent of the metro unweighted quarter hours were credited to a satellite channel or service (up from 3.5 percent in Fall 2006).
• Spring 2007 diaries include listening to 303 different satellite radio channels (297 different channels received credit in Fall 2006).
• The vast majority of satellite entries clearly identify both the service and channel (e.g. “Sirius Howard 101” or “XM 80’s on 8”).
• Detailed diary edit procedures are in place to credit satellite radio entries.
â—¦ A satellite radio entry can be credited to a channel (majority of entries).
o A satellite radio entry can be credited to a service (e.g. “Sirius Satellite Radio” or “XM Satellite Radio”).

o A satellite radio entry can be credited as Unidentified (e.g. “Satellite Radio”).

• All satellite radio recorded listening is included in Persons Using Radio (PUR) estimates.

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