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7 Female Leaders Receives Alliance for Women in Media “Gracies” Leadership Awards

The Alliance for Women in Media (AWM) hosted its inaugural Gracies Leadership Awards luncheon, formerly called Women Who Lead, Tuesday, November 13 to a capacity crowd at the Plaza Hotel in New York City.

 Keynote speaker Pam Oliver connected with the audience as she recounted her struggles and triumphs as a woman in the media industry.  She spoke of winning a Gracie Award earlier this year and shared, “So many people asked me what it meant to me to receive a Gracie Award, and I always say it was really a career moment.  I have received numerous awards that I am very proud of and gra

Felicia D. Henderson Leverages TV Experience with 20th Century Fox Deal Multi Year Deal


20th Century Fox/Multi-Year Deal – WaterWalk Productions

You may not know the name Felicia D. Henderson, but you know her work as a television writer and producer. Newly signed to a multiyear, overall deal with 20th Century Fox, Henderson will continue as a producer of “Empire” for a fifth season while also developing family dramas, come

Universal Music Publishing Group Inks Global Deal With Lionsgate Entertainment

Universal Music Publishing Group (UMPG) has signed a multi-year, exclusive global agreement to represent the music publishing properties of film and movie giant Lionsgate.The administration deal covers Lionsgate’s musical compositions and scores.Under the administration agreement, UMPG will also administer Lionsgate’s music rights, including licensing, revenue collection and accounting.Additionally, the companies will work together to create in-house opportunities by leveraging UMPG’s global roster of songwriters and expansive catalog of songs for creative use in Lionsgate’s portfolio of film, television and digital content.The CEO & Chairman of Universal Music Group, Sir Lucian Grainge, became a 

21CF Chats: ‘Gordon Ramsay’s 24 Hours to Hell and Back’ exec producer Spike Van...

EP for Gordon Ramsay’s new FOX show talks restaurant selection, quick turnaround times, common fixes

“I am incredibly embarrassed, mortified. Mostly I can’t even say because I’m totally humiliated,” blurted Dawn, the cook of The Old Coffeepot Restaurant in New Orleans, through a stream of tears moments after her staff and owner Dustin were shown hidden footage of their rodent-infested and disheveled restaurant (highlights of the reveal included a dead mouse inside the toaster!). The Cajun breakfast joint used to be known for one of the best southern breakfasts in the French Quarter, but recently business has gotten so bad that Dustin is losing $10K every month and they’re forced to freeze unused seafood and meat

WKYS Morning Show “Prank” Goes Awry, Producer Terminated

Over the years of doing RFfocus, I can honestly tell you that the DC market probably has the most hardcore radio fans I've ever seen. They truly pay attention.This past week a "prank" on WKYS sent the Radio One outlet into damage control mode after all hell broke loose on the show. "The Fam in the Morning" show with Quicksilver, Danni Starr and DJ 5'9 executed a "prank" where a woman was brought in to either play the role of a babysitter or she actually WAS the babysitter that was "too pretty to hire," She was allegedly rejected on a DM for the job by Danni Starr. When the woman was invited to participate in the segment Starr reacted in defense indicating that the team ambushed her.

Prank was Staged?

Millennial Minute: Nobody Owes You Anything

This is the hard truth, and nothing but it. Straight, no chaser. And before I get into this chat, I have to get something off my chest and I want you all to always know that I am a Ride or Die chick for our Generation. (that was my caveat). But... I am not sure when half of our generation decided that we were owed something from anyone, especially in our professional lives. This may come off as a surprise or even harsh, but once you understand this simple truth, life's opportunities become endless!Entitlement is the first word that comes to mind. Essentially, one is under the belief that because you simply exist, or because you got a degree that something is owed back to you from the Universe. Being entitled is exhausting, mentally and emotionally. Try it for a day if you have not already indulged at least once in life. Think about it, if you are always thinking you are owed something, you are constantly disappointment when it does not happen. That repeats every single day. Life is

Spike Lee Discusses New Film, Thriller about a KKK Black Member “BlacKKKlansman”

Spike Lee, discusses “BlaKKKlansman,” a crime thriller about the KKK. Starring “Ballers” star John David Washington and Adam Driver in a crime thriller about the KKK. In 1978 Ron Stallworth responded to an ad by the KKK seeking new members. Stallworth managed to rise through the ranks after gaining membership by pretending to be a white supremisist. Stallworth is actually black. This should be interesting.

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Sam Cooke’s 1964 Murder Case Needs Further Exploration

[caption id="attachment_200705" align="aligncenter" width="286"] Sam Cooke with neighbor friend Aretha Franklin[/caption]On this site, I have written about SO many music celebrities and industry deaths I've lost count. For some reason, Aretha Franklin's death was the hardest hitting. She was not only the Queen of Soul she was an American institution. While doing some reading on her, I discovered there was also once a "King of Soul," Sam Cooke.Cooke died tragically on December 11, 1964, at the age of 33. Cooke rescued himself from what he considered to be financial insolvency by leaving the Gospel industry, an industry that even in 2018 is still reputed to be outrageously frugal, for the more generous and profitable secular music industry. He admitted to Dick Clark when posed with the question, "Why did you leave Gospel?" responding "For financi

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Kevin Lipson Named Vice President at Republic Records

Republic Records Promotes Kevin Lipson to Exec. VP of Commerce, Streaming and Digital Strategy

Republic Records, a division of Universal Music Group, advances Kevin Lipson to Executive Vice President of Commerce, Streaming, and Digital Strategy—as announced by EVP/General Manager Jim Roppo.“It’s an honor to continue working with Jim, Monte and Avery Lipman, and the entire team,” says Mr. Lipson. “This isn’t just a job; this is a lifestyle for everyone in the building. We’re all highly competitive, supportive of each other, and focused on achieving the same goal. The Republic leadership is constantly pushing for innovation, and it’s a call our department is excited to heed. I love what I do, and I can’t imagine a better place to do it.”Since 2014, Mr. Lipson has served as Senio