Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Spotify Launch into 13 Arab Countries, Unveils New Worldwide Arab Music...

Toady, Spotify announced its launching in 13 new markets across the Middle East and North Africa—and making these unique sounds available to music lovers around the Arab world and beyond. The Arab region is richly diverse, with varied musical styles and genres. Now, all users in the Middle East and North Africa will have access to Spotify’s entire catalogue of over 40 million tracks and billions of playlists, including a library of brand new, fully curated playlists available exclusively for listeners in the MENA region. From Today’s Top Arabic Hits (أفضل الاغاني العربية)—the finest and freshest hits from the Arabic world—to Feel Good Arabic Hits (احساس جديد) and dance-floor favorites on Arabic EDM (بالعربي,) music fans in MENA can enjoy artists, albums, and songs across every genre for every mood and moment, all in a ful

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AMP 92.3’s Rick Thomas Talks to All Radio News

The winner of the All Radio News Top 10 Rhythmic PDs, Top 40 Amp 92.3's Rick Thomas took a minute to give us an...