Thursday, November 15, 2018
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Ice Cube Aims At Donald Trump With “Arrest The President” Single

Ice Cube recently released his single "Arrest The President" which was clearly taking aim at President Donald Trump. This single is a little taste of Ice Cubes highly anticipated album "Everythang's Corrupt". “Arrest the president, you got the evidence/That nigga is Russian intelligence/When it rains it pours/Did you know the new white was orange?/Boy, you’re showing your horns/They’re tryin’ to replace my halo with thorns/You so basic with your vape stick/Let’s go apeshit in the matrix,” he spits. [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/Bp2BfUxAbzB/[/embed] For now, the song is only available in select international markets but the clip posted on Instagram was long enough to satisfy what Cube's fans have been waiting for. [embed]https://www.instagram.com/p/Bpj1H75HGA5/[/embed] Everythang’s Corr

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Deal Done: Sony / EMI Music Publishing Merger Completed

Sony / EMI Music Publishing Merger Completed

Sony has finished up its acquisition of EMI Music Publishing. The news was discovered in a filing with the SEC Wednesday.  The merger is expected to give Sony nearly $1.3 billion in revenue. News of the deal comes about three weeks after the EU Commission gave the deal regulatory approval. However, back in 2012, Sony and other investors acquired EMI Music Publishing for $2.2 billion dollars.  To finish the outright ownership deal that was valued at $4.75 billion dollars, Sony paid about $2.3 billion to buy out the other investor groups. To get the deal done, Sony paid $287.5 million to the Jackson estate for its nearly 10 percent share.  Sony also agreed to assume $1.359 billion in debt. According to the SEC filing,

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AMP 92.3’s Rick Thomas Talks to All Radio News

The winner of the All Radio News Top 10 Rhythmic PDs, Top 40 Amp 92.3's Rick Thomas took a minute to give us an...