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Doc Wynter Makes “Broadcast Executive of the Year”

Doc Wynter - Radio Facts Power Play List Broadcast Exec of the Year

Second Annual Radio Facts Power Play List Magazine

Doc Wynter, Executive Vice President Urban/Hip Hop Programming Strategy & Program Director Real 92.3 Los Angeles iHeartmedia
We are already in production for the Year End Power Play List magazine that spotlights the achievements, success, and challenges of being a winner in today's industry. We are proud to announce that industry vet Doc Wynter is this year's Broadcast Exec of the Year."I didn't want to make this or any other interview for our year-end issue boring or typical so we asked Doc questions about the industry, technology, finding and hiring talent and how to remain relev

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Radio Facts Reader’s Poll: Top Black Singing Groups of All Time

Radio Facts did a poll with our readers to find out who they thought the Top 12 BEST R&B Singing Groups of All Time are. Here are the results. Click "Next" below to see the next group.

12. Gap Band

The GAP Band was a popular R&B group in the ‘80’s comprised of siblings Charlie, Robert, and Ronnie Wilson. Their band name is a compilation of the first letters of Greenwood, Archer, and Pine three streets in their hometown of Tulsa. Over the course of their career, the GAP Band released 15 studio albums. Many of their more recognizable hits include “Outstanding,” “Yearning,” “Burn Rubb

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AMP 92.3’s Rick Thomas Talks to All Radio News

The winner of the All Radio News Top 10 Rhythmic PDs, Top 40 Amp 92.3's Rick Thomas took a minute to give us an...