Sunday, December 16, 2018
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Ice Cube Talks New Music, Last Friday, and Buying Sports Radio Networks with LL...

Ice Cube once said in a lyric, "Ice Cube is not for the pop charts," but he is definitely a pop icon now whether he likes it or not. He is a household name because he has done so much for the culture. He has his name in everything from film, music, The Big 3 basketball league, and now this new venture with LL Cool J where they are trying to buy a cluster of sports radio networks that Disney has to part ways with. Check out Cube's interview with Ebro where he talks about all of it. Also, see the prediction he made about Donald Trump. https://youtu.be/gb33yddfnP4

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Sam Cooke’s 1964 Murder Case Needs Further Exploration

[caption id="attachment_200705" align="aligncenter" width="286"] Sam Cooke with neighbor friend Aretha Franklin[/caption]On this site, I have written about SO many music celebrities and industry deaths I've lost count. For some reason, Aretha Franklin's death was the hardest hitting. She was not only the Queen of Soul she was an American institution. While doing some reading on her, I discovered there was also once a "King of Soul," Sam Cooke.Cooke died tragically on December 11, 1964, at the age of 33. Cooke rescued himself from what he considered to be financial insolvency by leaving the Gospel industry, an industry that even in 2018 is still reputed to be outrageously frugal, for the more generous and profitable secular music industry. He admitted to Dick Clark when posed with the question, "Why did you leave Gospel?" responding "For financi

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Sarah Burke here from SiriusXM Canada.

I’m so excited to launch a new weekly show on SiriusXM Channel #359, North Americana.  I’ll be your host for Sunday Service.  We will gather every Sunday in the name of Americana Music, to both worship our founders, and preach about new artists that you need to know. Every Sunday, I’ll catch you up on new Americana releases from the founders of folk, introduce you to emerging roots artists, and feature exclusive studio interviews & performances. It’s a look at the week that was in Americana music, and Sunday IS the day of rest, so let me provide the soundtrack.

Hear Sunday Service: 9am / 9pm ET on SiriusXM’s North Americana

Sunday December 16th & 23rd, 2018:

  1. Whitehorse – December’s Children
  2. Whitehorse – Merry Xmas, Baby (I Hope You Get Wh