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The Breakfast Club Interviews Ava Duvernay


Director Ava makes her debut on The Club to talk her come up in film and more:

  • A Wrinkle of Time
  • How did you get into directing and producing
  • Doing PR
  • Being the 1st Black woman to have a budget of $100 million
  • How do you feel about being a celebrity director
  • Getting Sade to record a song
  • Setting about Ryan to direct Black Panther
  • How did Wrinkle in Time come about
  • Working with a large budget
  • Do you feel any pressure by the success of Black Panther
  • Formula making successful positive films
  • Do you consider yourself an activist
  • Words that you don’t like
  • You interned during OJ trial
  • Past being rapper
  • Doing a video with Jay Z
  • Directed 13th
  • Biggest hurdle that you’re facing
  • What inspires you
  • Don’t want kids
  • If Oprah had a kid

Watch the full interview below:


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