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The Breakfast Club Interviews Michael Blackson


makes his debut on The Club:

  • What’s your problem with Kevin Hart
  • When did your friendship break down
  • Michael’s cheating
  • Faizon Love
  • Can you and Kev ever be cool again? Are y’all going to fight?
  • Do you have mental issues?
  • CTG wife
  • His ex Georgia
  • Tony Rock
  • Netflix special
  • Were you afraid of getting clowned when you first moved to the states
  • New clothes
  • Slept with a woman with a beard
  • Tyrese story
  • Kevin Hart
  • Georgia phone call
  • What do you think of Michael making fun of Kevin Hart
  • D*ck pic
  • Would you get back with Michael
  • Dating woman with a beard
  • Is Michael a sex addict

Watch the full interview below:


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