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The Hollywood Reporter Highlights Black Women Writers


So the dopest photo of the day has to go The Reporter.  The magazine sat down with  Who Brunch, which was co-founded by esteemed writer, Lena Waithe to discuss where the industry could do better and what they wish their colleagues would know about being a black woman in the business.

Lena Waithe, Erika L. Johnson (Co-Executive Producer. The Village), and Nkechi Okoro Carroll (, All American) are featured in the video below but the writers in this photo have done something monumental work in Hollywood and beyond.  Living in LA for quite some time I had the pleasure of either knowing or being familiar with the work of these brilliant . The grind is real and if anyone can speak to that is writer , who has experienced the game from her Chicago roots to Los Angeles, New York, and ultimately back to Tinsel Town.

Britt Matt, executive story editor, A.P. Bio (NBC)  and writer on the Marlon show had this to say about being a Black woman writer in Hollywood, “Before anyone even reads your material, you’re often already placed in a box or categorized based on your race and gender. Some showrunners won’t read you unless they’re looking for a writer that fits your demographic.”

Peep the video below to catch of glimpse of the #BlackGirlMagic that was captured by .


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