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The Long Shadow of Watergate: The John W. Dean Interview on Krystal Nation


John W. Dean was legal counsel to President Nixon during the Watergate scandal and whose Senate testimony led to Nixon’s resignation. Dean joins us this weekend on “Krystal Nation” to discuss his role, the impact of Watergate, and the current intrigues in the Trump administration which will, likely, Dean says, create a “tough time” for Trump; as a former cover up “master manipulator” (the contemporaneous characterization by the FBI at the time).

John W. Dean has also authored several books on Watergate and the Nixon years, including “Blind Ambition”, “Broken Government”, “Conservatives Without Conscience” and “Worse Than Watergate”.  My favourite is “The Nixon Defense: “What he Knew and When He Knew It”. That book details the daily record of the scandal as it unfolded. Dean himself transcribed much of the primary source material – the White House tapes.

Why did Nixon conduct secret recordings in the first place? Why didn’t the incriminating tapes disappear? What would have happened had the tapes not come to light to corroborate Dean’s testimony? Why did Nixon’s privately paid henchmen, “the plumbers”, break into the Democratic National Committee Headquarters”?

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