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The “Sorry To Bother You” Trailer is the Craziest Thing You’ll See Today

Sorry to Bother You

“Some for the homies and some for me!”

Stop what you’re doing and watch the Sorry To Bother You trailer. It’s hard to describe the level of crazy oozing out of it. Written and directed by Boots Riley of the Oakland hip-hop/soul/funk group The Coup, the film takes us to “an alternate present-day version of Oakland, [where] telemarketer Cassius Green discovers a magical key to professional success, propelling him into a macabre universe.”

In just a few minutes of footage we get a ton of stuff to digest. Cassius (Lakeith Stanfield) literally dropping into customer’s living rooms on cold calls, an old Danny Glover with the voice of a young white man, a coked up CEO Armie Hammer, and an eye-patch rocking Omari Hardwick. Not to mention Tessa Thompson wearing some amazing laser-cut earrings.

The first trailer comes alongside the film’s SXSW premiere. It is packed with color, high-concepts, comedy and a heavy question about capitalism hidden underneath all of the style; what would you do for a nine-figure salary?

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