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The Todd Shapiro Show Moves To Canada Talks 167


Challenges are a good thing, and that’s not to say that complacency is a bad thing, but doing the same routine over and over just isn’t in my blood! This is why I’m completely invigorated and the adrenaline is pumping again to accept the newest challenge presented to me by the powers that be at SiriusXM. Yes, I’m now officially more in line with my true skills, I’ve been upgraded to Mailroom Clerk – to help me focus on my organizational skills and to finally deliver! Well, while that would be a great job, the Suits have asked me to switch channels from Canada Laughs 168 to Canada Talks 167! Why? Well, essentially they thought I wasn’t funny enough to be on a comedy channel! And while, that isn’t necessarily true (despite the aforementioned Mailroom Clerk bit,) I’ve in fact been pondering if my new found “serious approach to life” meant it was time for me as a broadcaster to display and highlight this personal evolution! Canada Talks 167 will be a perfect fit for it!

You see, I’ve never taken my radio career for granted, and while at times I’ve lost the passion for it, having done it for almost 20 years, I’ve always been grateful for the support, the privilege and the platform to have a voice, a voice I’m ready to grow! This suggestion from Management to move the Todd Shapiro Show to Canada Talks Ch 167 from 5-7 pm is that perfect opportunity for it. As well, I fully understand that in this fickle industry, one never truly knows when it will end, which is why I’m going to tackle this new challenge like Rocky did in Rocky 2 (uh, Spoiler Alert – he wins the World Heavyweight Championship Belt!)

Away from my career as a World Heavyweight Champion Broadcaster (yes after almost 20 years I think I’m allowed to call myself that thank you very much,) I’ve realized radio can’t be the only career to be dependent on, which is why over the last 5 years I’ve broadened my horizons to becoming a massive investor of publicly traded companies, a talent agent for some incredible personalities, a brand ambassador to many incredible products/companies, a minority stake owner in Lake Wilcox Brewing, a contractor, developer and land investor (including cottage country and Turks and Caicos), a Designer and essentially a boutique media agency (I even co-own the rights for companies to advertise on a group of six billboards in the prestigious neighbourhood of Yorkville in Toronto).

I’ve also become a SneakerHead, a motivational speaker, and an All-Bran connoisseur.

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