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Top Dawg Entertainment’s ‘MixedByAli’ Transitions From Audio Engineer to Entrepreneur


An engineer is a hidden figure in the music industry. Despise the fact that they go unseen, they play a major role in the listening experience.

Veterans in the recording world like MixedByAli believe in the tedious process of blending individual tracks to create the best version of the record. But with the new Do-It-Yourself approach, the technique of creating good quality music is no longer understood.

When one has limited funds, the use of a spare bedroom, closet or kitchen is resourceful but not efficient. While this cheaper method of the craft is a good temporary alternative for many up-and-comers, they are sacrificing quality.

While some view the growing trend as a threat to the engineering business, Ali saw an opportunity to create one.

Derek Ali is a two-time Grammy-winning engineer. As the in-house engineer for Top Dawg Entertainment, his success grew rapidly throughout the course of his career. His motivation to help independent artists was the inspiration for EngineEars.

EngineEars is an online mixing service designed to build partnerships between musicians and independent engineer from around the globe.

On top of choosing between three mixing packages, there is an option to ensure that an artists song is getting the quality treatment it deserves before releasing to streaming sites.

Ali is planning to host workshops called “Seeing Sounds”. These workshops would consist of a detailed deconstruction of a hit-song he recorded as well as, hands-on practices of mixing techniques. While the workshops are pricey, starting at $730, the brand MixedByAli makes it all worth it.

Look out for updates for his next workshop on his Instagram @Mixedbyali.


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