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Ty Hunter to be honored at the LGBT Arts and Culture Music Festival


All is set for Ty Hunter to be honored at the LGBT Arts and Culture Music Festival.

Entrepreneur & Designer Ty Hunter is celebrated as one of the world’s most influential fashion experts and styling icons. He has styled or contributed to the cover of almost every major international magazine. He has also consulted for more than fifty national and international ad campaigns. Ty Hunter was afforded the opportunity to work with an up and coming pop group named Destiny’s Child by their Lead Stylist, Tina Knowles, in 2000.

Since working with the iconic, Beyoncé, Ty has risen to the top of the fashion charts as being a key talent in the field. His creative vision and experience has led him to work as a designer and creative consultant for exclusive projects and major product launches like the “TY-Lite”, a top selling LED selfie light. In 2013, Ty teamed up with Served Fresh for a unisex line stamped with his signature- “ !!!! “. His clothing collections have been recognized internationally by multiple publications and worn by notable celebrities. In 2017, Ty collaborated with SIX:02, a Footlocker INC. brand, Greedilous and Charming Charlie.

Ty Hunter has an impactful following on all social media platforms under the handle, @tytryone . He is known for posting motivational quotes in yellow and giving his followers a peek into his social life. His daily social media presence has grown into motivational speaking engagements and being coined a Life Coach. Ty shares his transition from celebrity stylist to CEO of a tech brand and furthermore a highly requested creative director. From his humble beginnings in Austin, TX. to a worldwide recognized name in fashion, Mr. Ty Hunter.

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