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Weight Watchers And DJ Khaled Launch Khaled’s Kitchen Tour


And Launch Khaled’s Kitchen Tour

Immersive WW Freestyle™ Food Truck Experience Follows DJ Khaled’s Concert Tour to Help Inspire Healthier Living On-The-Go; DJ Khaled and His Personal Chef to Meet-and-Greet Fans at Four Tour Stops

Music mogul DJ Khaled might be hitting the road on tour, but he’s bringing a little piece of home along the way: his kitchen. Today, Weight Watchers International, Inc. (NYSE: WTW) (“WW”) announced the launch of Khaled’s Kitchen Tour, a one-of-a-kind, immersive food truck experience, featuring some of DJ Khaled’s favorite recipes on the WW Freestyle program. Helping to inspire healthier habits while on-the-go, Khaled’s Kitchen will follow WW social media ambassador DJ Khaled and his crew during his concert tour across the United States.

Khaled’s Kitchen will host free pop-up events in several cities along the tour route, giving people the opportunity to experience the freedom and flexibility of the new WW Freestyle program through dishes inspired by DJ Khaled’s personal chef, Chef Melissa Zuniga. DJ Khaled and Chef Melissa will also host meet-ups in four locations, interacting with concert goers and local fans. Weight Watchers and DJ Khaled will reveal these locations on their social media channels on the day of each – adding an element of surprise and delight for fans.

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